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  Drawlin World is a Philly based network where artist , entrepreneurs , the youth , and adults can share their story , dreams, lifestyle and goals.  The acronym for Drawlin is "Dreaming , Reality, Ambitious, Winning , Living , Number #1".
Welcome to "Drawlin world."  "Drawlin World" is the brand created by Shayna Sherie "The Mogul Girl"  . It incorporates a very popular Philly born term with a twist. Growing up in Philly is an honor. There's so much rich history and there's history being made each and every day. 
  Growing up Shayna's love for music , entertaining ,and writing  opened doors for her to pursue her dreams. She launched "The Mogul Minute" from her dorm room at Penn State and conducted over 200 interviews for  her radio show, YouTube, and . There's been ups and downs but she doesn't give up. She continues to grow and remains dedicated.  She has so many goals she wants to accomplish and she wants you to reach your goals too. Don't for
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