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Milano Motivation , Advice From A True Womanaire

Dream it. Wish it. Do it is a quote that reminds us of Milan, owner of the brand Milano Di Rouge. She's a boss and she's proving daily that your thoughts can become action. If you are ever in need of some motivation you can head on over to @iamilanrouge on Instagram .You're bound to see the latest styles from her brand such as the Elliott Puffer Coat, Luxe Signature Sweatsuit,Tyson Shorts and the Loni Dress (pictured in the photo to the left) and many more. There's clothes for men , woman, and kids. Your favorite celeb has even been spotted in Milano.

Strong enough to bear the children and then get back to business. The proud boy mom is celebrating five months since the birth of her son and continuing to boss it up. With new upcoming releases from her line. She's definitely serving looks and game at the same time. The mamanaire x womanaire is determined to win and we love to see it. Here's a few motivational points from Milan that you should lock into your grind and inspire you to make your dreams reality.

- My best advice to starting a business is enjoy the process.

-The more you see the more you want. You have to see more to want more.

-Caring for yourself is the new peace.

-Let people get inspired how you deal with your imperfections.

-Success should be measured by what you overcame.

-Your greatest contribution to the world may not be something you do but who you raise.

-Thank Jesus for everything if you don't have a relationship with God you better get you one.

-Peace of mind is the real bag , secure it .

-Remain humble.

-Success is knowing your purpose in life

-Sis never tiptoe through life. Let them hear you step

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