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Sy Mosquiat : Black Girl Magic (Single Premiere)

I might buy you roses don't ask me what's that for don't ask me what that's for I just want to celebrate you waking up a black girl

- Sy Mosquiat

Philly artist and owner of Goodman Clothing Boutique Sy Mosquiat releases his single

"Black Girl Magic". In June Sy released a snippet of the song and it quickly went viral. The song became trending with videos being uploaded to social media using his song in the background. The anticipation for the full release grew which led to more people loving the song. The song is important for its appreciation of black women. His lyrics are definitely at a time like this where black women's look are constantly being imitated but never duplicated. Sy Mosquiat definitely has a classic yet original sound that makes you want to learn more about who he is and geared up to see and hear what's to come next. Get the single " Black Girl Magic" on Apple Music ( Here) . Purchase your Black Girl Magic Merch (Here) So stay tuned for the video release and full project coming soon. Also go support Goodman's Waterice located at 2199 Spruce Street Ewing, NJ 08638 .

Instagram : @SyMosquiat

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YouTube : Sy Mosquiat

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