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Want The Smoke? Po Lambeau Just Dropped "FIREHEART" The Album

Get in the booth that's when the fire start. Po Lambeau "Po" just released his new album "FIREHEART". The album is more than a vibe. You can definitely press play on this project and not press the skip button. Although Po is from West Philly, Lotus Road to be exact, he's def bringing the Cali ambiance with these nine songs. The album is giving pop, hip hop, and poetry. Not only is Po once again presenting his lyrical power he's also showcasing his vocals. This is definitely a special project from the space he was in during the recording and production of the album which he released 7/15 on his mom's birthday. So, we're definitely sending a Happy Birthday to her and congratulations to Po for releasing "FIREHEART". Po also released some FIREHEART merch under his brand Cairo Casanova. So, you can listen and purchase the album or some merch and show some support to Po Lambeau.

The first single off the album is "Bad Lil Ting (F*ck Your Only Fans)". Po released a snippet a few months back recording the song. The clip made you anticipate more. Now that its full release is here, you can def vibe out and watch the official video for the song. Congratulations. Check out his exclusive interview on DrawlinWorld .

Instagram @Polambeau

Apple Music "FIREHEART"

Spotify Music "FIREHEART"

YouTube " Po Lambeau"

Watch "Bad Lil Ting ( F*ck Your Only Fans) Official Video (here)

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